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Bernhard Remmers Institut für Analytik GmbH

more than 35 years of experience

The Institut

A strong partner in building materials analysis


All planning, conception and execution of restoration projects must be preceded by a profound scientific analysis of the existing structure. A strong partner in laboratory analysis is therefore essential.

The independent and neutral Bernhard Remmers Institute for Analytics GmbH (BRIfA) was founded 2015 after 35 years of experience in the field of construction materials analysis as Central Analytics Laboratory of Remmers GmbH from which it emerged.

The institute is accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17025 as test laboratory for chemical and physical analysis on concrete, concrete products, brick, natural stone, paints and coating materials. (accreditation number D-PL-20117-01)



Highly qualified specialists

All staff members are not only highly qualified, but also specialist in their respective field of expertise. Thus there are specific competence teams for the various test methods and materials. At the same time the interface to the customer is provided by a central reference person that accepts each project, coordinates its internally, delivers the final assessments and is always available for advice and consultation. This canalisation of the workflow ensures flexibility and short reaction times. Moreover all staff is continuously brought up to the latest technological developments through continuous training and further education. For the highest quality and precise analysis.


more than 35 years of experience

The establishment of an independent accredited laboratory company guarantees the absolute neutrality of the execution of the analyses and of the results of the work of the laboratory. The spectrum of activities includes a wide range of analytic services in the fields wood, wood-based materials, wood preservatives and coatings, mineral building materials, synthetic resin coatings, paints, lacquers and other materials. Our clients are as varied as the portfolio of our services and include private customers, architects, applicators or public institutions, which the BRlfA supports with cutting-edge analytic methods.


Figures, data, facts

  • 35 years of experience in the field of analytic building material testing
  • 500 m² of state-of-the-art laboratory surface
  • Competent counterpart on building material analytics und general analytics issues
  • Over 200 laboratory services offered


Customer-oriented analytics for validated test results

The results of the tests carried out at the Bernhard Remmers Institut für Analytik (BRIfA) often constitute the foundation of recommendations for restoration work by experts and specialist firms. The characteristic values determined by our test laboratory can make the difference for the award of a contract and its scope. Thus it is important that the results of the tests are precise and as reliable as possible in accordance with the current standards or specifications and conform to the state of the technology. Inasmuch as the BRIfA uses lab developed methods, these are described in detail and validated.

A comprehensive system of control of inspection, measuring and test equipment makes sure that only calibrated and approved test equipment is used. The instruments which necessary for the execution of the tests are always kept in line with the current state of technology. The regular participation in ring trials and comparative tests as well internal and third party monitoring ensure the absolute reproducibility of the test results.

The advantages

  • Independent, neutral and accredited test laboratory
  • Validated methods, reproducible test results
  • Resutls that constitute a selection criterion for the customers
  • Short reaction times
  • Flexibility with regard to specific requests by customers 
  • Confidentiality regarding all customer-related information

Ultimate accolade


Planning certainty and a reliable database are an indispensable pre-requisite of building conservation. In November 2015, still in the year it was founded, the BRIFA received the accreditation in accordance with DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17025. With the accreditation the DAkkS (the German accreditation body) confirms our exact working procedures and the reliability of the test results. These are based on the fact that only calibrated and approved testing equipment is used and the analytical instruments conform to the latest technical standards. With the accreditation, the BRIfA fully becomes a competent partner laboratory for all customers.